March 28, 2012

Two Linux notes

SSH Tunnel for web traffic

ssh -D 9998 -C

Where "" is a server you operate with SSH setup. Now you need to configure your browser to use the tunnel. In OS X you can go to Network -> Advanced -> Proxies -> Check SOCKS and input localhost:9998 or whatever port you used. Directly from Chrome you can also select Preferences -> Under The Hood -> Change Proxy Settings... -> and it will go directly to your OS X Network/Proxies tab.

Compare your IP address at any of the check IP sites, I like It should be the IP of your SSH server and not your coffee shop/hotel/wherever you are connected.

Visualize your running processes

pstree -p

I just learned this command today, it gives you a visual tree like look at your processes running. I don't have very many processes running on my VPS so this is a quick way I can check which SSHD process I just ran this command from so I can kill a different SSHD process. Probably not the most efficient way to do that but it works!  :)

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