April 22, 2011


For the past few months I have been without a typical desktop computer at home. All of my computing has been on my laptops and iPad, along with some virtualization stuff on my headless ‘server’ in the closet. I thought I would really miss my Core 2 Duo and Radeon 4850 but it hasn’t been as difficult as I first thought. My main laptop I have used as a replacement is a Core i5 430M so the performance has actually been pretty good. The most annoying thing I found working exclusively on portable devices has been resolution. Laptops just don’t have the real estate I prefer when multitasking.

I finally decided on the parts for my Sandy Bridge computer. I had originally planned to go all out with an overlocked 2500K, nice motherboard and a Radeon 6950 2GB, but what the past few months have shown me is I don’t have the time or desire to use my desktop like I did years ago. I guess the portable/mobile bug has bit me. So, I went a little more sensible with no overclocking parts and a lower end CPU. I still have to decide if I want to go SSD and which video card to get, but these are the guts.

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