Just a couple MySQL notes.

Debian 6 Squeeze - Reset MySQL root user password

You’ll need to stop MySQL server for resetting it this way.

Start MySQL with –skip-grant-tables and send to background. Press enter to get back to command line.

Connect to to MySQL.

Use mysql database and run the command to update the root user password and flush privileges.

Start MySQL and verify you can now login with the root user.

Extract single table from mysqldump file.

There are a number of ways to do this with perl, sed, awk etc etc…, but I like scripts and I’ve successfully used this script before.

Make it executable or run with perl and you can run ./extract_sql.pl or perl extract_sql.pl to see the options.

I ran this to extract the wp_comments table from my Wordpress dump file and send it to a file.

Now to import the table.

The article with the script and other methods of doing this is here.