With Rackspace Cloud you can use Cloud Block Storage and NFS to create shared directories amongst your Cloud Servers. This setup was done on CentOS 6.3 and used the internal Cloud Server interfaces. First, attach your Cloud Block Storage to your Cloud Server. When I attached mine, it was designated /dev/xvdb. We will need to create a partition and format.

Here we create a directory to mount our Cloud Block Storage and mount it.

Now we can start the NSF installation on the Cloud Server that will be the NFS server.

/etc/exports is where we list the local directories the NFS server will share. The IP below is the IP of the client.

We need to open our firewall to the private IP of the client that will be accessing these shares.

We can now start NFS

We install nfs-utils and start rpcbind.

Make our local directory to mount the NFS share and mount the share. The below IP is the NFS servers IP.

If the mount connected properly we can add an entry to our fstab so that it will mount the NFS share at bootup. The entry needs the IP of the NFS server.

You can check your client to see if it is mounting the NFS properly. You can also run showmount -e on the NFS server to show your export list and clients.

Test your NFS setup by creating a file in the NFS share directory on your client. When you run ls on the NFS server you should see the file that you just created on the client.